Day in the Life of a Beer Delivery Driver

N.C. Representative Jason Saine joins Chad Baugham of Standard Distributors for a day of making beer deliveries to retail accounts in Lincoln County.

The Bottle Picking Process in a Wine Warehouse

It’s a labor-intensive and expensive process to fulfill custom wine orders to NC retailers.

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U.S. Wine Business at Crossroads

The U.S. wine business has been making a lot of news lately, but for many of the wrong reasons.  A report shows that wine consumption is only showing growth among American customers over the age of 60.   Overall, the volume of wine sold in the U.S. has contracted for the second straight year and, with a possible recession looming,

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Beer, Wine Sales Decline Post-Pandemic

Beer tax collections in N.C. were down 1.85% during calendar year 2022, but that doesn’t t ell the full story.   Beer tax collections are a basic tool to help determine sales by volume, and we track those monthly numbers on our web site. During the two peak years of the pandemic (2020 and 2021), beer tax dollars rose—2.8% in

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